Bodegas Javier Ruiz is born of the illusion and need to complete a dream.

This was more than seventy years ago, when Modesto Ruiz Coca farmer in the area, thought that it was time to do something with its grape and started to produce white wines.

It had a small underground cellar at home. On top of this was the winery where, with a manual press, obtained the musts which then fermented in concrete vats. The media, compared with the current technology, were scarce, but it was a start.

My grandfather continued with its vineyards and its wine for much of his life. He always wanted her children completed studies of Oenology and do grow your small project but, perhaps due to circumstances of the times, no one was able to continue his dream.

It was some years ago when the third of their children, my father, recalling everything that encouraged me to retrieve that one day my grandfather started.

Bodegas Javier Ruiz is the fruit of years of work, together with the affection that both my father and myself have to land and especially to the vineyard.

The Winery is located in Villanueva de Duero, in the Rueda denomination of origin. This perfectly combines tradition and innovation, with the most advanced technology in the production of white wines. We use Verdejo grape, variety of high quality and strong roots in the area.

Our wines are a small tribute to a family that has always enjoyed living and working in the field.