The terroir

Verdejo Grapes:

It has a unique flavour, with a hint of scrub herbs, a fruity touch and an excellent level of acidity. The extract, a key factor when assessing the personality of great white wines, is perceived through its volume and its characteristic bitter touch, which leaves a glint of originality in the mouth, accompanied by a rich fruity expression. These wines are harmonious, and their aftertaste invites to go on drinking.

Weather conditions:

The D.O. Rueda stands 700 to 800 metres above sea-level, and consists of flat highlands, with very long, cold winters, short springs with late frosts, and dry, hot summers, only altered by untimely storms. This factor forces the vines to search for their water resources deep underground, much more so than in other European regions. In terms of latitude, the Rueda region is located within the Mediterranean area. Its altitude, however, corresponds to that of a continental region.

Our vineyard:

A winegrowing region is shaped by its soil, topography and climate. Our vines – thanks to its stony soil, topography and cool high-altitude climate – is an ideal region for growing a classic high-quality white wine varieties. We own 20Has of verdejo vines in the Village of Villanueva del Duero – Valladolid.

D.O. Rueda:

The Denomination of Origin Rueda was approved by the Ministry of Agriculture on January 12, 1980; it was the first Denomination of Origin to be approved in the Region of Castilla y León, after years of hard work in order to earn acknowledgement and protection for its autochthonous grape variety: the Verdejo.