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Bodegas Javier Ruiz presents signature wine

At Bodegas Javier Ruiz, directed by the young farmer of the same name, we just present the wine of author Javier Ruiz Verdejo elaborated on Lees, the first of the new references that we want to develop with a more personal touch and also under the seal of quality of the Rueda appellation of origin. In fact, our next projects go through the production of a line of limited and fermented in oak barrels, Javier Ruiz Selección, as well as a special Javier Ruiz sparkling.

In this way, the new wines that come from our vineyards will be called as the current owner of the winery, as his father and as the oldest of their children, "which hopefully inherits family passion for quality wines", explains Javier. At the moment, "Verdejo 100% is the realization of the dream that has been established in years my family: that of the homemade wine that combines the best of our land with a nuance that is innovative and adapted to the demands of the current market".

It is a wine of straw, clean and bright yellow, with greenish reflections. The most characteristic are the typical intense aromas of the verdejo variety, although with nuances of fennel and tropical fruit notes that add some soothing subtleties. "What most consumer value is that it is an expressive in the mouth, with intense acidity, round and fresh wine, which leads to a long, elegant finish," says Javier.

For now, we leave premiere label designs and the labelling of new wine, that you go getting used and know identify it and ask for it!



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