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Bodegas Javier Ruiz renews their corporate image

In Bodegas Javier Ruiz, we have just completed a process of redefinition of the own company, our vision of the market and the values that we want to convey to the consumer. The most visible proof of this new stage we started with all the enthusiasm is our newly created corporate image: a logo with the name of our manuscript founder, to convey the unique character of our wines, and using the two 2 "R" of the name and the surname as a representative logo labels, capsules and all corporate graphic materials.


"I want who see my wine bottles or know the winery via any channel of communication online and offline feel that I put the soul in my work, feel my firm personal involvement, and simultaneously perceives the sound"R"force also as a visual game forming this anagram that I hope that the consumer starts to associate soon to my brand with variations specific to each one of the new references" We will prepare, such as the selection or the sparkling", explains Javier Ruiz.

What do you think? Do you like? Now just need seek it when buy some wine!

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